About Indupreci

Indupreci grew out of the experience of the companies Precicontrol and Precical. We are a third-generation enterprise that has set its sights on the international market. Our aim is to fully meet our customers’ needs.


We have our own Technical Office and Engineering Department, enabling us to provide design, planning and tailored solutions for customers. We are a team of highly qualified professionals, actively committed to our work.


We work for the automotive, aeronautics and machine tool sectors and any others requiring precision.


We specialise in the design and production of tools and masters for mechanical measurements and manufacture of smooth, threaded and grooved calibres.


To guarantee our products’ quality and calibration capacity, we have our own Metrology Department, where we inspect 100% of the parts produced. The Quality Department issues a separate certificate for each part, which is stamped for total traceability to its specific calibre. The laboratory is kept at a constant temperature of 20ºC +/- 1ºC and all the control equipment is calibrated by an external company.


Enterprise with certification ISO 9001:2015.

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